Every person and situation is different. We can customize a program to fit the specific needs of an individual. Please contact us with any questions. 




A residential program that provides needed supports for people who need help to perform tasks and responsibilities involved in daily living. Currently, six people live in this house and each have the opportunity to learn tasks such as personal care, cooking, household & community safety, money handling, home maintenance, & responsibilities). 


If an employer is experiencing difficulties with staffing, training, production, quality assurance, or if there is just not enough space in the employer’s facility to complete specific jobs or tasks, then Options Inc. can be the solution! 

Josh working with Cogimex

Josh working with Cogimex



Our sheltered workshop services provide service recipients with opportunities to develop good work habits and learn marketable skills such as effective communication, team work, following instructions, accepting correction, as well as various job skills obtained from real work experiences provided through partnerships between Options Inc. and businesses. industry. 


A service program that provides staff to assist people who live alone, or with families who need assistance. The services are individualized to meet the needs of each service recipient and may include such supports as completing daily living tasks, completing health care tasks, and accessing the community for such things as services, shopping, or recreation and social activities.


Supported employment is a service designed to match the people served with jobs that are available in their communities and to help employers find valuable employees. The employer gains a valuable new employee and access to supported employment services throughout that person’s employment. The individual gains employment, self-esteem, and a much needed source of income.