supported employment


Supported employment is a service designed to match the people served with jobs that are available in their communities and to help employers find valuable employees.  The Employment Training Specialist (ETS) provides the employer access to hiring incentives. The ETS also provides supported employment placement options (individual placement, group placement, job share, or enclave). 

Once a job placement is achieved, the ETS provides jobsite supports until the individual meets performance standards and is able to demonstrate an understanding of workplace policies and procedures, at which time the ETS will slowly fade from the worksite and transition into follow along services. The employer can contact the ETS at any time for consultation or training of new assigned tasks.  The employer gains a valuable new employee and access to supported employment services throughout that person’s employment. The individual gains employment, self-esteem, and a much needed source of income. 

Some employers of our Supported Employment program include:

  • McDonalds (Okmulgee) – Custodian
  • Creek Nation Rehabilitation Center (Okmulgee) – Kitchen Custodian
  • Wal-Mart (Okmulgee) – Baler Machine operator and stocker
  • Creek Nation Travel Plaza (Okmulgee) – Custodian
  • Warner Hardware (Warner) – Custodian and Stocker
  • Wal-Mart (Checotah) – Door greeter, produce, deli prep, & women’s clothing
  • Nichols Grocery (Eufaula & Checotah) – Stocker and Bagger
  • Flying J Travel Plaza (Checotah) – custodial, dishwasher & deli prep
  • Sodexho (Warner) – Dishwasher & deli prep
  • Muskogee Sherriff’sOffice (Muskogee) - operator
  • Eufaula Manor (Eufaula) – Activities Assistant
  • Buddy’s One Stop (Checotah)- Stocker